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Whether you are launching a new menu item, creating awareness for your newly minted restaurant or working to grow your retail customer base, your marketing needs to stay laser-focused on that objective. It may sound simple, but you’ll be surprised to know that many brands have lost their way in the name of differentiating themselves from the masses. 


For a piece of collateral or signage to attract a consumer’s attention, color plays a primary role in consumer response. Even before a person is consciously aware of attraction, their eyes are drawn to a stunning design– eliciting a positive first impression of your business. 


Let's design a marketing piece that gives the right (the best) first impression. 

Get attention from growling stomachs
Develop Your Brand Identity
Be consistent.
Have fun with your ads
Offer Coupons and Discounts
People Buy Experiences.
Be like the fun uncle ("funcle")
Give your brand a face
Build a big brand with characters
The Power of a Mascot
Every detail matters.
Create an emotional connection
Be consistent
Develop Your Brand
Convenience and Savings
Show Your Cards
Refresh your brand
Foodie Photos
Give your brand a face
Keep in touch
Keep in touch
Don't stop advertising when slow
Develop Your Brand
The Power of a Mascot
Develop Your Brand
Be consistent
Give your sidewalk sign the right look with a classic A frame.
Make your message immediately clear to recipients
Carry your message from your ad to your store.
Onsite Marketing
Enticing Food Photos
Event Announcements
An Unbeatable Promotion
Local Advertising
Your best menu items and deals
Stay on top of trends
A picture is worth a thousand words
Offers & Promotions
Serve niche audiences
The power of Direct Mail Marketing
Stay Top of Mind
Super-Size Your Strategy
Foodie Photos
Use Those Great Reviews!
Offers & Promotions
Don't stop advertising when slow
Use Come-Back Coupons
Use gift cards as promotional items.
Harness the Power of Local Marketing
Behind-the-Scenes Photos
Serve Up Valuable Experiences
Serve Up Valuable Experiences
Pamper Loyal Customers
What do employees do every day? Eat.
Keep 'em coming back for more
Offers & Promotions
Give 'em what they're hungry for
Price it Right
Tell your story
Capitalize on seasonality
Establish your credibility
Play up the holidays
Do the Unexpected.
Perceived value.
Give them reason to get to know you
Donut Kraze Gift Certificate
Harness the Power of Local Marketing
Use visual storytelling
Foodie Photos
The Power of a Mascot
Mascots are a fantastic way to engage your audience, and they can be marketed over multiple platform
Brands that use mascots are 50% more effective at getting an emotional response from their customers
You can incorporate the mascot into your logo.
Employ your mascot online as well as in print.
To find out what truly works for your brand, target audiences and customers, you have to test.
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