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What do you design?

I design anything that can be printed. This can include business cards, brochures, ads, flyers, billboards, restaurant menus, packaging, etc. I also design websites and any other graphics that can be digitally displayed. I can write business and advertising copy and have sources for professional photography.  

How long does a design project take?

It really depends on how prepared the client is with their project requirements and how quickly the client is able to return feedback and revisions. It also depends on how many individuals are on the decision committee and how quickly they provide feedback.

Most collateral design projects can be completed in as little as two days—assuming the client has all their copy and information pulled together and can respond with feedback and revisions the next day. Websites can take anywhere from two weeks to several months depending on the complexity of the website. 

What is the design process?  

A typical design from start to finish follows these steps:  

  1. receipt: you will be notified when your email has been received and your project is being processed.  

  2. artist communication: if there are questions or clarification needed while working on the design, you will be emailed.  

  3. receiving completed proof: within 24-48 hours or less you will receive a pdf proof of your design.    

  4. revisions: proof corrections and revisions should be submitted back through email and you will receive another pdf proof within 24 -48 hours.

  5. final artwork: is provided to client, sent to printer, uploaded to media outlet, etc. based on client’s needs. 

Do you do the printing?

I design and prepare files that are ready for printing. I have several printers that I work with on a continual basis that I can recommend, usually based on best price and turnaround, but I do not have any commitments to them so I can work with any printer. I can manage the printing for you or email you the final art files and you are free to send the files to the printer of your choice. 

Who owns the artwork?

Once I receive final approval and final payment the final art becomes your property. I will email you the final art in whatever file types best fit your needs. I do reserve the right to use the comps and final art in my portfolio and for promotional purposes (but the additional exposure is a win-win for both of us).  

How do you charge?

Before I begin any project, I submit a job estimate to the client that includes the expected fees, or refer customers to my posted rate card for standard projects. Estimates are based on the amount of time I expect to spend on a project. A 50% deposit is required to begin the project. The remaining balance for logos and printed materials is due within 5 days of the client receiving the final invoice. The remaining balance on websites is due before the new website is made live on the internet. Additional revisions beyond those included in the estimate are charged at $25/hour.  

I’ve worked with a designer in the past who seemed to disappear overnight. What can I expect from you?

I’ll work closely with you from start to finish and support you after the project is complete, so you can always call or email me with questions. Still not sure? Feel free to contact any one of my clients. I won’t even recommend one- your choice!  

Why should I hire you to design my logo when I can use an online source for much cheaper?

When it comes to graphic design, you definitely get what you pay for. Online logo designers create batch logo designs. They are limited in the amount of information and research they use in designing their logos. The designers hired to work for these online companies generally do not have the training or experience of an actual graphic artist, but act as more of a desktop publisher. Investing in a strategic, professional logo design is an investment in the future success of your product/company. 

Do you design and code websites?

The answer is yes and no. With all of the new websites and software packages readily available to write HTML to current design standards, I’ve found it to be most advantageous to do what I do best and utilize a service that’s keeping up with the latest practices. So I specialize in the front end of the website design process and design the look and functionality of the website. In some instances, I will write the code. In others, I’ll use a WYSIWYG editor to bring the approved design to life.  

I need a website. What do I do first?

The answer is simple (and it’s not design!) Content. Content is both the most important part of a site and paradoxically, the first step. I can help you fine-tune your strategy and determine which features will be most useful for you. 

You also need to reserve your domain name and purchase your hosting service. I can assist you in both of these steps as well. The website can be designed based on an existing template or designed completely from scratch. Both have advantages and disadvantages and depend largely on your budget and if you want to perform your own website edits on a monthly basis. 

Let’s sit down and talk about your needs. I can break it down so you see where every dollar is being spent (and make suggestions to save you some of those dollars!)   

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